2015 International Competition

International Lacemaking Competition

 And the 2015 winners are!

Traditional section:

As there were two first prizewinners rather than first and second prizes, the cumilative amount of both prizes, which was €1,250 was divided between the prizewinners, giving them a prize of €625 each.

Joint 1st; Rachel McLaren, Scotland


Keenmare Needlepoint Lace by Rachel McClaren Scotland

 and Marie Laurie, Australia

Marie Laurie

Needlepint Lace, Marie Laurie, Australia


Contemporary section:

Contemporary lacemaking: 1st prize €500, 2nd prize €200.

1st place; Catherine Thomas Australia.


Catherine Thomas, Australia


 2nd; place Ornat O’Brien, Ireland


Irish Crochet Lace ,Ornat O’Brien, Ireland